Source to Port and Port to Source Inland Movement

The journey of the cargo never starts or ends at ports. Getting your cargo to the right port or warehouse is just as crucial as getting it across the sea. That’s why we’ve added Inland Transportation to our integrated and end-to-end logistics service. From Port to final destination in case of Imports and from origin factory / premise to port is an integral part of the international supply chain. Though our PAN India presence and dedicated fleets operating across the country we connect these dots for you seamlessly.

Our experienced staff takes care of the coordination between different stakeholders like CHA, CFS and indenting unit to ensure that our placement and deliveries are the last thing to worry about when it comes to completing the task within the equipment free days. With inland transportation, we now offer a full-service solution – covering the whole supply chain from door to port and port to door.

You can trust us with the info on the expected or planned shipment and we shall do the rest for you while coordinating with the Custom Clearance team and your dispatch / warehouse staff for seamless and hassle-free operations.

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