Secondary Distribution/ Regional Movement

We cater to Full Truck Load, Part Cargo Consolidation while taking every necessary care in our logistics process. The customized process to meet specific demands. We cater to Long Line Haul across the nation, supported by a large fleet of trucks. While we cater to Modern Trade Outlets, Institutions & End Customers, the Last Mile Distribution is a critical part of our Transportation.

With the advent of GST and consolidation of RDC’s (Regional Distribution Centres), Secondary Distribution from RDC’s to final customers has become an extremely important and critical function in Supply Chain Management. Efficiency in Secondary Distribution holds the key to timely market response for almost all industries. We provide our clients with an efficient secondary distribution network by assessing their secondary transport movements closely and optimizing them at every step. Our objective is to save our client’s time and money while ensuring timely delivery of products to the market

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