Proof of Delivery

POD’s remain a critical part of the logistics process, establishing that goods have been delivered to the planned recipient, received in good condition.

How these are handled has and continues to change. Freight force is committed to providing our customers with a fast and efficient way to handle POD. We use scanners which turn returned, signed POD’s into text-searchable documents and we store these securely within a huge document management system, making it easy to search, retrieve and email them to customers.

  • Paperwork is received from the customer, which accompanies the goods on their way to the delivery point.
  • Where no paperwork is provided with a basic delivery note may be produced.
  • Upon delivery of the goods, a signature and printed name is entered into the customer paperwork.
  • Any problems with the delivery, are reported to our office, then we inform the customer, usually via email.
  • POD’s are returned to our offices, usually the same or following day.
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